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360-Degree Landscape Assessment & Competitive Audit

If you’re just looking at direct competitors, you’re missing a lot of information about how consumers are solving for Jobs to be Done. 

360-Degree Landscape Assessment & Competitive Audit

TGG leverages robust 360-Degree Landscape Assessments & Competitive Audits to understand the key players in a focused category, along with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats they each uniquely present.

We gather this information via desk research across various publicly available sources, including relevant articles, brand and product websites, Amazon brand pages and reviews, and smart Google search (along with other relevant in-category sources, such as forums and blogs). We will also include highlighted case stories of example brands that have delivered on similar business challenges. These case stories will engage the brain’s natural process of ‘associative thinking’ and ‘connecting dots’ to energize teams as they build out their potential white space opportunities and directions.

The 360-Degree Landscape Assessment & Competitive Audit will take a deep dive into the following: