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Social Media Ethnography

Define Phase Approaches

TGG will scrape and analyze hundreds of conversations about the business challenge topic at hand from publicly available sources such as product ratings and reviews, social media posts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and other relevant sources (i.e. Blogs, Reddit, articles). TGG’s 5-step Social Media Ethnography process is driven by specifically honed objectives and smart search, but also by strategic human insight.

The output of this research method helps to build consumer context around the business challenge topic, as well as uncover new areas of opportunity articulated by the consumer. By scraping publicly available sources, TGG is able to bring smart, consumer-led insights in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.


  1. Specifically Honed Objectives – TGG works with the client to hone in on specific objectives that strategically help to answer on the overall business objective. With focused objectives, TGG is able to build a Smart Search Plan that will provide valuable consumer insights and learnings to help build into consumer-backed answers to the project objective.
  2. Smart Search Plan – For each of the objectives identified in Step 1, TGG will begin to create a robust list of search questions that will help to guide their efforts during the search step of the process. With a variety of ways in (differently articulated questions), TGG is able to provide a breadth of insights and consumer learnings. The client will provide input at this step to ensure TGG is capturing all necessary learnings.
  3. Analytics Platform (or Direct Google Search) – Using smart Google search, TGG will begin to execute on the search plan.
  4. Look for Themes – As TGG researchers begin to pull in data to support answers to the pre-approved search plan questions, they will begin to look for themes that help to begin building out the consumer story to deliver on the objectives at hand.
  5. Tell the Story – With themes identified, TGG will codify all insights into a consumer story delivering insights related to the project objectives.



Good entrepreneurs find information and inspiration all around them, not just informal, topic-specific reports. They’re curious and are able to draw connections between seemingly disparate things.