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Transforming Cargill's Approach to Developing Innovation Pipeline

Cargill had historically been viewed by its business partners as being reliable and having great products, but they were not thought of as being proactive innovators in the industry. They looked to differentiate from competitors and be seen as an innovation thought leader and partner by building lean innovation capability and co-creating innovation pipelines alongside their biggest client teams.


The Garage Group developed a custom multi-sprint workstream to equip the Cargill team with an understanding of entrepreneurial innovation methods and put methodologies into practice by conducting internal Innovation Pipeline Sprints on their own internal innovation opportunities. The team would do so while continuing to develop and iterate on a framework for how the Innovation Pipeline Sprint process can be applied across multiple channels and external client teams. See below for our webinar case story share about this work and a high level visual of how the multi-sprint workstream came to life.

“We’ve gotten a ton of good press behind the new process; both internally and with our client partners. We have people recognizing us and lining up to partner with us in a way that we just haven’t seen before.” Cory Lommel, ~Director of Insights

Sprint 3 Case Story

Read the case story of how Sprint 3 came to life.