Case Story: Transforming the way teams come up with and build what’s next for the brand or product | The Garage Group

Led a Global Food & Beverage Brand Through a 4-Week Idea Development Process While Building Internal Capabilities

A Global Food & Beverage Team needed to build their 1-2 year Innovation Pipeline. Historically, ideas for new projects were not rooted in U.S. consumer needs. The team recognized a need to better understand U.S. consumer Jobs to be Done and how they could solve for them.


The Garage Group developed a custom learning-by-doing approach to help the client build it’s innovation pipeline while building internal team capabilities such as identifying consumer pain points, translating into Jobs to be Done, and leveraging associative thinking to spur ideation.

As the diagram shows, we used virtual training sessions to prepare the team to use the digital ethnography to identify consumer pain points and Jobs to be Done as well as trends & analogs for associative thinking.

During the session, we leveraged the pre-work to generate and build ideas. In addition, the client team had existing concepts from their global pipeline that they wanted to leverage, so we matched them to prioritized Jobs to be Done and tested them, alongside newly developed ideas, with consumers throughout the session.


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