Resetting Brand Equity for an Iconic Pet Brand via 5-day Strategy Sprint | The Garage Group

Case Story: Resetting Brand Strategy for an Iconic Pet Brand via 5-day Strategy Sprint

This petcare brand was experiencing rapid decline. They needed to make bold, strategic decisions rooted in consumer insights and quickly. The team quickly needed to reset the brand strategy by exploring potential strategic spaces, quickly align with senior leadership, and bring new space to life.


The team partnered with The Garage Group on a 5-day Strategy Sprint, to iteratively leverage consumer insights to identify Jobs to be Done, identify a new consumer target, and design, assess, and align on the best, most disruptive, strategic path forward to revive the brand.


The results of this brand equity reset are in market, and continue to have amazing traction with the strategic space we helped them identify. The sub-brand business is up 35%.

“I cannot imagine a better example of bringing the global vision to life. Continue to push to be bold and to focus.” - Global CMO