Case Story: Exploring New Business Models Through a Young Entrepreneur Experience | The Garage Group

Exploring New, Sustainability-Based Business Models Through a Young Entrepreneur Experience

A new ventures team at an F100 Apparel company wanted to explore how to develop lifelong relationships with GenZ consumers and their parents, and through the process, understand ultimately which outages they could solve for to establish and build the relationship. They had clear objectives but wanted to smartly lead ideation and new business model creation with consumer needs, pain points, and Jobs to be Done.


The Garage Group team developed a multi-city, “young entrepreneur” experience to learn alongside kids and their parents to come up with foundational business models.

When developing the experience, we took into account that in order to truly learn from kids, we needed to garner insights from what they did vs. what they said.


In three cities, we recruited both kids and parents to participate in the experience. In each city, the kids were given a task to invent and create products and business models of the future. They shared their ideas and inventions with their parents, the client team, and The Garage Group team. We also learned about their parent’s biggest frustrations around apparel and shopping. From the kids’ inventions and the parent interviews, the client team and The Garage Group team garnered deep insights on how to best serve the parents and kids and used those insights to come up with entirely new business models.


After the experiences, the client team developed a business model and iterative tested via pop up stores, teaser emails, test landing pages, and more. This business model has been live, and is about to be adopted back into the base business to be launched more widely across the business.