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How Can Large Organizations Keep the Pace and Creativity of Startups?

Every large organization claims that innovation is critical to their DNA, yet most are criticized for their lack of disruptive product launches and slow decision-making process. While large companies struggle to innovate, we are seeing a surge of entrepreneurial spirit and significant start-up activity in the industries that many brands compete in.

The challenge: How do large (vendor or client) companies keep up with the innovation and pace of start-ups, and how can they replicate the same creativity and rapid success within their organizations? Specifically, what is the role and responsibility of Innovation Leaders for bringing these entrepreneurial approaches to our brands and industries? What are the new skills needed for Innovation Leaders to think more entrepreneurially and to enable organizations to make decisions with more speed and agility?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at the Front End of Innovation (FEI) conference from May 10-12 2016 in Boston, MA. Our own Ann Thompson will be talking about innovating like a startup as part of a powerhouse panel (above).

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