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Introducing The Garage Flash Mob: 2 Weeks to a Pipeline of Ideas

With as little as 2 weeks prep and a minimal investment of $20K, The Garage Flash Mob is a faster, smarter approach to building big ideas. We’ll start by crystallizing the business challenge you’re up against. Prior to the in-person workshop, we’ll identify trends and analogous business models that will inspire and inform idea generation. Easy and engaging pre-work will get your team in an entrepreneurial mindset. Then, we’ll bring the team together for 1.5 days of rapid fire inspiration and practical tools and templates proven to generate hundreds of relevant ideas. Business model development exercises enlist the power of the multi-functional team to build out initiative proposals and everyone votes with their own “investment funds” after a shark-tank like pitch competition. Its fast, smart, actionable and proven to deliver breakthrough product, service and marketing ideas.

The Process

1. Smart & Scrappy Trend Exploration: We’ll uncover trends that directly and indirectly impact your industry, brand, users and buyers, and bring them to life to drive internalization and action-ability for the team.

2. Business Model Analog Discovery: Our proven process identifies business model solutions from a breadth of industries against a similar core business challenge. We’ll bring the case studies to life in a way that enables the team to unpack the business models for inspiration and reapplication.

3. Idea Generation: Rapid fire inspiration, strategic facilitation and proven tools and templates ensure that the multi-functional team comes together to develop hundreds of relevant ideas, and then choose the top ideas to more fully develop.

4. Initiative Business Model Development: We’ll build out a custom business model template, equip small multi-functional teams to build out initiative “pitches” and then emcee a lively pitch competition where participants (and sometimes senior leaders) vote with “investment dollars” based on overall fit, feasibility and attractiveness of each initiative proposal.

One-pager Overview

The Garage Group brings entrepreneurial approaches to discovering insights and building big ideas.

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