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Iterating To Breakthrough Ideas Faster Via Real-time Input From Consumers

Most innovative companies believe that their consumers or customers need to be part of idea development. It’s a tacit rule to building great, disruptive ideas. Over the years, we’ve observed some pain points in the process, though: time ineffectively spent and difficulty of getting consumers in the room because of confidentiality concerns are a couple that come to mind. These pain points have often limited the opportunities that teams have to get feedback in building their ideas.

That’s where thinking like a startup comes in. Startups get feedback often and quickly. They typically use everyday tech to get the job done.

What if you could invite consumers in virtually, when you need them, throughout the idea generation and development process?

One solution we’ve been using recently is inviting consumers into ideation generation and development workshops via iPads. Not only are teams able to get real-time feedback throughout the day on ideas they are developing, but they are able to quickly shut down unpromising ideas and are able to pivot and iterate on ideas much faster and with much more confidence. Ideas are more robustly developed as a result. These ideas aren’t a gamble, either. When they get to concept testing, that won’t be the first time a consumer weighs in. Each piece has been preliminarily vetted, making concept testing more productive.

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