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It’s Time

If you’re serious about developing as an Inside Entrepreneur, it’s time…it’s time to stop making excuses and time to get after it. A lot of us are good at prioritizing areas of our lives that are important to us. We pay ourselves first. We give to charities that are meaningful to us. We show up at important family events. We never miss a workout. Yet, we fail to make time (even with permission to do so) for true Inside Entrepreneurship. We let the reactive nature of our schedules own us and we end up compromising personal development and organizational growth for short-term, not so important tasks and habits that have limited impact.

If you’re serious about being an Inside Entrepreneur, here are a few thoughts on making time and creating mental space to get you started:
– Stop operating out of fear and spending so much mental energy on things you can’t control.
– Start dreaming about the impact you will have; the skills you will develop.
– Observe and be inspired by those around you who are already making time. Learn from them.
– Delegate, postpone or remove non-critical items from your task list or calendar. People can wait and you don’t have to please everyone.
– Become more effective with the time you do spend on not so important stuff. Learn from guys like Brian Tracy and David Allen.

We’ve just listed a few thought starters here to get the conversation going. What are your ideas about how you’ve been able to carve out time for inside entrepreneurship.

It’s time.

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