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Just Because You Can

Many of the high capacity, high energy inside entrepreneurs we know share a common struggle.  Unfortunately, they often don’t recognize it as a struggle, and they risk never realizing their potential impact because of it…

High capacity, high energy leaders who have a diverse set of skills are often capable of doing lots of different types of projects, tasks, thinking, leading and “doing.” They throw themselves into countless projects, teams, roles and responsibilities.  Their intentions are almost always right:

These individuals then busy themselves, and make solid contributions, but often feel like they are running on a treadmill — never really going anywhere, but getting a good workout nonetheless.  The reality is that these folks struggle to prioritize tasks and contributions that they could make, simply because they know they can make them. 

Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

Think of some of the busiest people you know.  Chances are, they are not the most successful, satisfied people you know.  The successful, satisfied ones are probably those who are quite capable of doing a wide variety of things, but ultimately, they’ve chosen to be great at a few things.

To successfully prioritize among things that you are good at, we suggest you focus on two key questions:

Inside entrepreneurs that practice prioritizing among things they are good at understand that, by choosing, they aren’t downplaying a skill or competency, rather they are more fully developing and activating themselves.

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