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Iteratively and Quickly Optimize the Consumer-Relevance of your Ideas

What needs to be true to get new ideas to market faster and with more confidence that consumers will buy your product? 

Traditional research means days spent behind a two-way mirror gathering few insights on their concepts. Groupthink is a factor in wondering whether or not the recruited consumers are providing their honest feedback. Even more, the concepts are stagnant. There’s no room to make adjustments on the fly to get real-time, iterative consumer feedback, meaning it’s not truly concept development.

Iterative consumer feedback is a core pillar of what makes Innovation Pipeline Sprints & Ideation Sessions successful. In the beginning stages of idea development, we leverage scrappy-phone-a-friends, recruit consumers on iPads, and test overnight for qualitative and quantitative feedback to make sure the consumer’s voice is infused. But as the idea gets more and more downstream, those quick, iterative consumer touch points don’t have to stop there. 

In fact, they shouldn’t.

Lean Concept Development has enabled BigCo leaders to infuse the voice of the consumer into their idea downstream, and make changes in an iterative fashion when: 

Why choose Lean Concept Development over traditional research methods?

Through Lean Concept Development, test your concepts with 12-14 consumers, and collect key input around overall appeal, uniqueness and believability of the total proposition and the component parts, and how well the concept delivers on the Job to be Done. This process is dynamic, highly iterative, and involves optimizations between interviews.

To see more details of how this could help your team downstream, including an example case of our Lean Concept Development work with a Fortune 500 Beverage company, fill out the form below, or reach out to Jason (

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