The Garage Group’s commitment to recruiting and nurturing top talent and fostering a culture of innovation, inclusion and courage is paramount to who we are at our core. Our clients benefit from working with a team that is empowered and inspired to think big; unlocking a shared, expanded view of what is possible.

To signify our dedication to keeping people at the forefront of all we do, we are thrilled to announce the development of the new executive position, Head of People and Culture, and the hiring of Mary Allard to serve in that role.

Mary brings a wealth of experience in Food and Beverage and CPG, having served leadership roles in retail, brand and e-commerce; as well as C-suite and executive roles in HR, business development, people management and operations.

Professionally trained in Authentic Leadership and Communication, with years of expertise in personal and interpersonal development of people – including communication, psychology, leadership, personality, and emotions, Mary is naturally drawn to this people-first role that ignites growth, purpose, and community within and around TGG.

With her startup-inspired mentality and intentionality in her core values of curiosity, humility and generous perspectives, Mary is driven to create genuine environments where the fullest version of ourselves is not just welcome, but celebrated.


Q&A With Mary

How do you apply your entrepreneurial mindset/start-up thinking to your personal life?
Oh so many ways! What comes to mind right away is that I am insatiably curious and driven to grow as a person so that I can serve others. Also, I don’t shy away from taking a more challenging route when presented with options – I will walk the hard road to expedite learning. I think and operate holistically, which means I am always looking at the whole picture and with a preventative mindset. My energy is sustained and I am responsive instead of reactive when I focus on being present everyday. And finally, I am so honored to have a community all over the world, wherever I am, because I am a natural integrator and people connector.

What is your overall work philosophy?
When we feel safe and resourced enough to bring our whole, most authentic selves to the table, the rest naturally aligns. From this place we can connect with meaning, create with intention, and work with purpose. This extends to all of our relationships – our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with work.

What is one way you believe we can all operate more courageously?
Operating with courage takes a foundation of safety. With that in mind, I have found it best to try courage on for size in the micro-moments that make up our days – where we feel the most safe, routined, and/or resourced so that when bigger moments call us to be courageous, we can trust and remember what it feels like. This could be trying to not use the GPS to find your way somewhere, trying a new food or spice at home, or even sharing an honest feeling with a close friend or family member when you maybe wouldn’t have prior.

What lights you up outside of work?
So many things light me up, but especially spending time with friends, family, and especially my five-year-old son, Sawyer. Time spent together usually means activities outside, adventuring in the mountains, or traveling. I also love discovering new holistic modalities that are in service to our self-care. Those that know me also know I am “tea-obsessed” and have a cabinet full of over 40 types of whole leaf teas. Music fuels me – be it Spotify or musicals. Finally, all things mindfulness – yoga, meditation, etc.

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