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Meet Chi Pham, TGG’s Summer Strategy Intern & Courageous Globe Trotter

We recently welcomed our summer strategy intern, Chi Pham, to the team. We are excited to get to know more about her! We’ve asked her some questions below to get to know her better. Welcome, Chi.

School: Miami University

Major & Minor Areas of Study: I am majoring in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Communication and receiving a minor in Emerging Technology in Business + Design.

Involvement at Miami University:  I recently led 4 innovation sessions for Miami University Advancement, led the first virtual Techstars Startup Weekend 2020, and I am the co-president of the Council of Social Entrepreneurship! I also work as a Resident Assistant!

Welcome Chi! We are happy to have you on the team. Tell us a little about yourself…

Once upon a time 20 years ago, there was a curious, creative and imaginative child born in Hanoi, Vietnam. And that child is me! Fast forward to when I was 17 years old, I embarked on my biggest adventure yet and hopped on a plane to the United States with a passion to learn, explore, and grow. From then until now, I have learned so much about the world of innovation and business, explored thousands of possibilities and grown to become someone I’m really proud of. 

I love design thinking and innovation so I have taken the initiative to build my skill set, including over a year of innovation consulting experience where I got the opportunity to work on multiple exciting projects. My learning will continue under the guidance of the amazing TGG team!

My other interests include astrology, knitting, cats, and going to the Farmer’s Market!


What is your role, and responsibilities within that role?

I joined TGG as a Lean Growth Intern. I support research, including the assessment of the landscape of different client categories and industries including trends, competitive activity, consumer assessments, and project-related qualitative research. I also enable business development and marketing efforts by researching target client accounts and partnering on an outreach strategy to grow target accounts.


What drew you to this internship opportunity with TGG? 

TGG has been mentoring Miami Entrepreneurship students, which is why many of us were instantly drawn to the company’s innovativeness and methods. As someone who is looking to learn more about innovation and strategy and is passionate about design thinking, TGG is an opportunity that I simply can’t miss! On top of that, the company culture is great and I love the work TGG does. 


Tell us about a time you had to be courageous. 

Starting a new life in a brand new country held a lot of ambiguity. Looking back, I’m proud of myself for courageously diving in! I was only 17, and didn’t know anyone here but I confidently took the risk– and that resulted in so many rewards. Going to college alone 8000+ miles far away from home sounds crazy to most people, but because of it, I have learned numerous valuable lessons in business and in life. And I am here, learning now because of that initial courage. 


How do you best face uncertain challenges in your life?

I dive in head first with a self-starter attitude and seek to clarify the challenges where I can. Then I have fun solving it! I view uncertainty as an opportunity to make the challenge how I want it to be. When in doubt, I follow my gut, consult my amazing network and take the no regrets approach.


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