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Meet Clare Brophy, The Garage Group’s New Director

At TGG, we speak a lot about growth – not just for ourselves, but for our clients too. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for top talent to join our team and keep strengthening our capabilities.

We are thrilled to welcome Clare Brophy as a Director to our team! Why are we excited about Clare? Her proven track record of leadership and strategic thinking is a great addition to our team.

But, there’s more. We’ve learned a lot about Clare.  Read on to learn how she brings more value to our team and, by extension, to you. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a Brand and Innovation Strategist with experience in advertising and design.​ I’ve helped build brands for Fortune 1000 and smaller companies in the CPG, Wellness, Beauty and Food categories. I’m from the UK, but have lived in the US for the past 20 years. I currently live outside of NYC. My husband owns his own music school and we have a 17 year old who is a Junior in high school. 

What is a fun fact about yourself that would surprise many people?

I started my career in Hungary soon after the Berlin Wall came down. Being there right after the Iron Curtain came down was eye opening. I was an Account Manager with Grey Advertising getting my professional footing during a time of drastic political evolution. Grey needed English speakers to partner with their newly arrived clients from the US and Western Europe. I planned to stay for a year but ended up staying for five because it was an amazing experience. I learned a great deal very quickly. I had a great boss who gave me a lot of responsibility at a young age. Plus, I worked with P&G clients which exposed me to many facets of business and set a great foundation for my career.

What drew you to The Garage Group?

I love solving innovation and growth problems. I love the challenge of working in the innovation space, and the role gives me a lot of flexibility to grow and learn. I also love TGG’s people-first culture and I’m excited to work in an environment with a strong team dynamic. 

What is your superpower?

Empathy: I’ve always been able to put myself in other people’s shoes. I realized how enabling this was once I started working. Not only did it allow me to interact well with clients, but it also gave me great insight into consumers, understanding the “Why” behind their behaviors and attitudes in the market. 

Why do you love the work you do / work we do here at TGG?

I love creating strategically-sound brand and product ideas. To optimize ideas, I question whether they have a consumer-first lens, are culturally relevant, and are rooted in a brand’s equity. At TGG, we work on this everyday. Thus, it’s a great fit! 

Tell us about a time you had to be courageous.

I started my own company a few years ago. It felt risky at the time (as my partner also works for himself).  Nonetheless, I’m happy I did so. I learned so much, not only about the business but also about myself, about the courage it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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