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Midwest Startup Ecosystem Deep-Dive

Tapping into the startup ecosystems throughout the country is critical to understanding what’s on the horizon for lean approaches and entrepreneurial mindsets. Recently our team dug into the Midwest startup ecosystem, including Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Cleveland, to pulse check on the state of our ecosystem. See below for a snapshot of each city’s unique value proposition, and download the report for a deep-dive into its history, value props, and success stories.

Download the full report.

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Chicago is known for its tech presence, diverse economy, and female founders.

Salesforce’s presence in Indianapolis has created major opportunities for startups.

Startups thrive in Cincinnati by leveraging partnerships with local BigCos.

Increased funding has catalyzed growth for startups in Columbus.

Cleveland’s history of manufacturing and healthcare offer B2B tech opportunities.

Pivoting from steel and soot, Pittsburgh’s ecosystem leans on research and innovation.

A strong talent pool and history with the auto industry enables Detroit’s startup ecosystem.

Minneapolis differentiates its innovation through science.

Download the full report.

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