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News: Launching Into An Entrepreneurial Approach to Insights

The Garage Group has been focused for the past few years on bringing our clients entrepreneurial approaches to Ideation and building big ideas. Now, we’re announcing that we’re adding entrepreneurial approaches to consumer understanding and market research along with our strategic facilitation/workshops around specific business challenges and Ideation.

Our focus is on what we call Digital Ethnography and on projects around Assessing the Landscape for a new Opportunity, Segment or Need Area understanding; and Smart & Scrappy methods for building out new ideas (Concept Development). Our overall approach leverages multi-functional team participation, and is pretty simple:

1. Mine what your team already knows. We’ll help you facilitate the process of collating all of the existing learning and knowledge so that everyone is on the same page and the real knowledge gaps are evident.

2. Seek and study what’s available digitally. We’ll search, scrape and analyze (strategically and qualitatively) inputs from social media sources like facebook, twitter and pinterest; as well as other forums like wikipedia, blogs, studies and reports.

3. Fill in the gaps with smart & scrappy primary research. We’ll design and facilitate observation, on-line, interactive qualitative and experiential approaches. We’re method-agnostic — we’ll match the right approach or mix of approaches based on the knowledge gaps we’re working with you to close.

We’ll bring it all to life with compelling reports that you don’t have to tweak and re-write before you share them with the team.

We’re excited to partner with clients on Research Projects (Assessing the Landscape for a new Opportunity; Segment/Need Understanding; or Developing a new Concept); or to continue to help with strategic team meetings and ideation projects.

The Garage Group brings entrepreneurial approaches to discovering insights and building new product, service & marketing ideas.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr user: Robert Bejil Photography

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