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Open Eyes, Big Ears

We’ll keep this one short and sweet…

Today, we were thinking about how we never know who is listening or watching us.  As inside entrepreneurs, we are very often considered change agents within our organizations.  Maybe we’re even known to our friends and family for our ideas and our (often perceived as brave) actions.  Certainly, vendors or other partners we work with see and hear us as agents of change and initiative.

We’re often struck when someone introduces themselves to us and mentions that they read something we wrote; or they heard about something that one of us did in a previous role; or they cite something they learned from watching our successes or failures, or taking a class we taught, or even one that we participated in.

When you are an agent of change, an inside entrepreneur, and you are passionate about what you do, someone is watching and listening to you, much more often and much more intently than you can imagine.

When we say one thing, and do another, they see it.

When we fail and authentically learn from it, they hear it.

When we take a risk and find success, they remember it.

This is not about being prideful.  Quite the contrary.  It’s about humbly recognizing that every inside entrepreneur has someone watching, observing, learning from him.

What kind of example are you setting?  Brave?  Intelligent?  Caring?  Financially savvy?  Aware?  Authentic?  Honest?  Ever-learning?

Just as you have learned from those around you, others are learning by watching you.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr usergerlos

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