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Over 60,000 Steps and Unlimited Cold Brew Coffee Samples: Day Three at Expo West

Expo West Survival tip #45: Take advantage of every cold brew coffee or juice shot sample you come across. We especially did this on our third and final day at Expo West.  

Here are a few final insights from our last day walking the floor…

One more theme…

We mentioned a few themes in our day two update, but one we didn’t mention was the ever-present “consumer-first approach.” Most successful brands discussed their “consumer-first approach” often during education sessions, but hearing it from the founders at Beyond Meat, Pre Meats, and Crowd Cow was a bit more unexpected. All three brands in the beef and beef alternatives industry agreed that consumers are increasingly more interested in finding better quality food and are willing to pay for that quality, which was an interesting insight for premium brands and premium SKUs.

Day Three Products to Learn From

Rethink Water: Without knowing much about this brand prior to Expo West, we were really excited to stumble upon their booth on the last day. This naturally-sweetened water has a fresh take on traditional sugar-filled juice boxes for kids. Pulling from the adult trend of products with no sugar, this brand aimed to do the same with kids drinks. It is packaged in a good-for-the-environment paper box that looks just like traditional juice boxes—this is a really interesting healthy alternative for kids.

The New Primal Beef Thins: We already loved this brand for their great tasting Paleo jerky and marinades, but were even more impressed with their new Beef Thins. Taking on the texture similar to a chip, these are not only delicious but super easy to eat and totally satisfying when it comes to just needing the snacking “crispy crunch” of a chip. 13g of protein and Whole-30, Paleo and Gluten-Free.

Fresh Bellies: This baby food brand works to introduce interesting and unique flavors to babies as early as possible, claiming the ability to shape a baby’s palate early on, with the tagline “palates in training.” With ingredients like cauliflower, beets, ginger, and swiss chard, we loved seeing these superfoods make their way into baby food. Fresh Bellies also just received an induction into the 2018 Chobani Incubator.

Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats: These on-the-go cups feature quinoa, flax, and chia. Bright antioxidant ingredients create a stand-out, visually appealing breakfast. Blueberry Lemon (blue), Coconut Turmeric (yellow) and Raspberry Pitaya (pink) don’t just look good but include functional ingredients. A separate section on top of the disposable container has Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola to add to crunch.

Looking for our insight on Binnie’s Coconut Butter, All Good skincare, or Ona’s new protein bar? Be sure to check out our on-the-floor updates from day one and day two.

ExpoWest was a whirlwind, with a record-setting 85,000 attendees and 3,521 exhibitors. We were lucky enough to check out 2500+, focusing specifically on exhibitions that enabled us to develop new trends and update trends from 2017 relevant to food, beverage, pet, and beauty industries.

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