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Packaging and Materials Innovations Reflect Consumer Zeitgeist

In a panel discussion at Expo West, Nick McCoy from Whipstitch emphasized that natural and organic entrants are contributing ALL of the growth in the overall food market and that consumer commitment to buying these products is solidly tied to health and values, and not to income and finances.  

And as we highlighted in our Expo West 2019 Natural Food, Beverage & Beauty Summary, consumer desire for natural and organic products is mirrored in an avidity for packaging and ingredients that align with their overall values. As consumers with holistic health on their minds shop, brands of all sizes will win with consumers who view that the materials and packaging are as eco-friendly and natural as the products they protect and deliver.

As a result, many BigCos have launched initiatives with goals for sustainability and minimizing the use of single-use plastics; startups are looking through the consumer lens of caring for the planet and themselves from the outset. 

Tablets and liquid drops are being introduced rapidly in the beauty and CPG spaces. Humankind is a maker of personal care products with clean ingredients and zero plastic. Their mouthwash is delivered in tablet form – to be dropped in a glass of water – and in refillable containers that eliminate waste. Startup NOHBO is launching zero-waste personal care drops which are single use and water soluble and deliver shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shaving cream. The drops – coming in June – are natural and chemical-free, making them as safe for the body as they are for the earth. We can’t help but ruminate on opportunities for food and beverage makers to go beyond powdered mixes with tablet and drop innovations.

Tiny Giants, maker of probiotic yogurt for kids, has partnered with TerraCycle to make it free and simple for consumers to recycle its flexible plastic pouches. Shoppers request a package online and it arrives in their mail; they fill it with clean, empty pouches and drop it back in the mail to be recycled. The ease of this program gives consumers the convenience they have come to expect.

BigCos are winning in the sustainable packaging space as well. Nestlé Waters seals its Pure Life offering in bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic and brands the water with a pressure-sensitive label designed to easily release from the bottle during the wash stage of the recycling process.

To explore packaging solutions that are biodegradable, compostable, and even seed-bearing, head over to our summary from Natural Products Expo West 2019.

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