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Plan for sustained growth. Connect evolving customer needs, available internal assets and rapidly changing market realities to create a balanced portfolio and set of plans. Fill the pipeline with relevant ideas, and be prepared for inevitable change.

Very few industries today are immune to the rapid pace of market change and evolving client and customer needs. Most business leaders recognize that change is happening, and they talk a lot about innovation and the need to ensure that their organizations are evolving products, services and delivery to keep up or stay ahead of change.

However, the pressure of the day to day business pulls resources away from creating aligned strategies and plans, and from pursuing innovative approaches and new ideas. The well-intentioned strategy (if it ever got written down) begins to lose its luster as the hard work and hard lessons of “failure” and lack of short-term profitability on new ideas impacts overall business results.

The Garage Group works with organizations to create smarter, more integrated plans that enable innovation efforts to move forward. We start by assessing the evolution of client/customer needs, and map the assets you have in-house as well as technology and business model trends to show strengths and opportunities. We work with executive teams to align a clear definition of the core business model — both as it stands today and as it may be evolving — including hypothesizing and strategizing against multiple scenarios to allow for market uncertainty. Armed with an understanding of needs and possibilities, and an aligned vision for the business model, we’ll facilitate the collaborative process of creating a growth strategy and annual plans. When big ideas are needed, we’ll create customized approaches to idea generation.

Sustained growth can’t happen without a plan.

Core services include: