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Innovation Strategy Lab

Bringing together innovation discipline with best practices from entrepreneurship to enable dynamic innovation strategy, a broad portfolio of customer-relevant ideas, and faster, more agile initiative planning and execution.

We’ll work with your team to create a Strategic Innovation Plan designed to drive pro-active, meaningful innovation that strengthens, extends and/or evolves the core business. Our robust process was created to address the challenges and opportunities unique service-based organizations. Our holistic approach ensures the right questions are being asked and answered, functions and silos come together in new ways and sets innovation plans up for long term success. The output is an aligned and integrated portfolio of innovation projects positioned to deliver overall company goals.

Increasing numbers of organizations are treading water in the “perfect storm:” frantic pace of change; pressure for short-term profit and long-term potential, fundamental shifts in customer needs, new demands from a new generation of talent, and an ever expanding definition of innovation. A well designed innovation strategy can enable an organization to thrive even in the throws of the storm.

Bringing together innovation discipline with best practices from entrepreneurship, the Garage Group’s Innovation Strategy Lab leads teams to develop a dynamic innovation strategy through a collaborative process that ensures:

A Robust Portfolio of Innovation 

From incremental to disruptive, and inclusive of new product, new service and/or commercial innovation as well as other critical, but often overlooked forms of innovation like new approaches to business models, costs and/or management.

Strategy that is both visionary and feasible, leveraging current assets and strengths, appropriately resourced and seamlessly connected to overall business goals.

Multi-functional engagement integrated throughout the entire process, with clear measures and accountability to drive execution.

We’d love to discuss how we can help with your innovation efforts.

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