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Pokemontrepreneurship: 5 Innovation Lessons

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet and all other news outlets for the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard about Pokemon GO, the instantly viral mobile app sensation that has spread across the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. Since its launch earlier this month, the joint smartphone app from Nintendo and Google spinoff Niantic has inspired throngs of people to gather together and explore their cities to catch virtual monsters in augmented reality (AR). Unlike virtual reality (VR), which even further separates gamers from the outside world, it turns out that AR could be a widely-accessible answer to humanizing interactions in the virtual world. In a staggering few weeks, Pokemon GO has become one of the most viral mobile apps of all time–and has opened the floodgates of game innovation with a new IP that could potentially change the way we game forever.

The creators of Pokemon GO were incredibly thoughtful in the way they designed the game, and we noticed a few hallmarks of entrepreneurial innovation that were instrumental to the success this new phenomenon:

It will be fascinating to see the implications Pokemon GO has for other unique gamified experiences. What other applications could there be in this space for consumer education about health problems or awareness of certain causes, for example? Could Niantic’s IP be the answer to a new wave of widespread human interaction and/or education? And furthermore, how can brands potentially use this new platform as a monetization vehicle? We’re excited to find out.

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Photo credit: Creative Commons 2.0 user Eduardo Woo


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