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#PCampCincy 2015: 4 Reasons You Should Jump In

With the great success of ProductCamp Cincinnati 2014, we’re thrilled to be co-organizing the second annual #PCampCincy 2015 on September 26th, 2015. This year, Jason Hauer and Abe Delshad from The Garage Group are on the organizing team for what will be another fantastic event. ProductCamp Cincinnati is designed for product and project managers, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers and marketers to learn from each other on new and best practices in and around product innovation management.

Still on the fence? 4 Reasons You Should Jump Into #PCampCincy 2015:

1. Networking: Outside of #NewCoCincy, there is no other event in Cincinnati that pulls together a diverse cross-section of the product/ innovation community here in our ecosystem than ProductCamp. There will be a great mix of people from big co’s to startups across a large number of industries and disciplines. There will be ample time and opportunity to make meaningful connections.

2. Inspiration and Learning: You’ll hear and be inspired by the newest and best practices in and around product innovation management. Everything from “lean startup” to “gathering better insights” to “lessons learned” living product innovation management every day.  

3. Experiencing an Un-conference:   Never experienced an un-conference before? They’re pretty fantastic. There are no pre-designated keynote speakers or topics. Rather, before the event starts, attendees who want to speak submit a quick introduction to a topic they’d like to present on. Morning of the event, the rest of the attendees vote to determine the topics and speakers they’d most like to hear. This gives the power to the participants versus the organizers or sponsors.

4. It’s free!
Needless to say, if you are in the Cincinnati area or nearby (Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, etc.), register. We had someone fly up from Miami, FL last year and he said it was worth every penny. We’d love to see you there!

If you have a relevant topic that you’d like to share at #PCampCincy, register and submit a talk!

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to Jason or Abe from The Garage Group – we’d love to answer your questions!

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