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Embed entrepreneurial approaches into your team
Learn about your market ….Fast, cheap, 80/20 mentality, etc.

Are you frustrated with learning and translating all of the different business approaches and methodologies available to you in a way that fits your team the best? We hear you. We’ve taken the best of all schools of thought and condensed them into this easy to follow course that will catapult you and your team towards successfully learning like an entrepreneur.

For the first time, we’re making this content available to our former and current clients without the cost and time associated with a big consulting engagement.

5 hours of interactive videos that explain entrepreneurial approaches to learning from consumers and customers in detail - from foundation to execution - led by those who know this content best and have seen it drive transformation within BigCos.
Thought starters and discussion guides to help drive dissemination and application of the content internally and amongst teams
A library of downloadable tools and templates that enable application of the principles to any business challenge.

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