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ProductCamp Cincinnati 2014

We’re excited to be part of the planning team for the inaugural ProductCamp Cincinnati 2014 (@pcampcincinnati) because it creates a platform for the collision of ideas and people from a cross-section of our Cincinnati ecosystem who are passionate about building great products. We’re expecting Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Product Managers as well as Designers, Engineers and Data Scientists to learn best practices from one another, to share lessons learned and to make connections that will strengthen our region.

As you think about your brand, category or company, are you creating platforms and enablers to drive collaboration, lesson sharing and idea development across disciplines and functions? It’s this type of dynamic conversation and action across functions, disciplines and industries that underwrites how entrepreneurs innovate and is needed to keep our brands and companies relevant and growing.

If you’re in or around Cincinnati, consider attending the inaugural ProductCamp Cincinnati 2014 on September 27th, 2014 to see what you might be able to re-apply.

If you’re in another city, attend a local ProductCamp or start one. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more, we’re happy to share lessons learned along the way.

Want to create platforms and enablers to drive collaborative idea development across your company or brand? Let’s talk. The Garage Group enables corporate teams and brands to innovate like startups. 

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