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Pursue Bold In 2015 To Grow And See The World Differently

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that, when we pursue BOLD adventure, change or risk, the result isn’t always perfectly-planned success, but it is always learning and growth.

We’ve experienced countless times that when we deeply engage into unfamiliar areas, or areas that scare us, we develop new knowledge and skills, form new insights and collect an entirely new catalog of analogs to apply to business and life.

So, as we sprint into 2015, we’d love for you to join us in pursuing bold. Pursuing something, anything, that requires some risk on your part. Something that has the potential to grow you and to help you see the world differently.

In 2014, here are a few things we pursued, and a few of the learnings we took away.

Ann raised the funds for and traveled on a mission trip to South Africa. In her words…

This bold step was scary for me on multiple levels. Raising funds and asking for help was not something I had taken on before, and I wasn’t the kind of person that liked asking for help on anything! And, traveling that far away from my kids and my friends was a new experience that made me equally excited and anxious.

In 2015, I’m planning another trip to South Africa. This time to help entrepreneurs actually build their businesses; and to help raise money for an organization that aims to end poverty through entrepreneurship in impoverished parts of the world. Another bold step to get more involved and I’m excited about the learning and growth that will come!

Renee pursued a health overhaul that encompasses diet change, workout and spiritual goals. In her words…

In 2015, I plan to continue this overhaul, solidifying these new habits. I hope to help others around me seeking to make similar changes. I know that these changes will make me a better researcher, mom, wife and friend.

Jason ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in under four hours. In his words…

I committed to running a full marathon as an enabler to getting into great shape and wanted to complete it in under four hours as a stretch to force myself to push beyond my current limits. I was able to finish the race in 3:59 despite a nasty quad cramp the last few miles.

During most of my longer training runs I listened to an endless loop of Mumford & Sons and often found myself reflecting on the parallels between running a marathon and entrepreneurship:

In 2015, I’m planning to run two full marathons in the same year: The Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati (under four hours) and the Columbus Marathon (under 3 hours 45 minutes) as well as to continue on a path to get more disciplined around Gluten Free/Paleo eating.

So, what BOLD challenge, change or adventure are you embracing for 2015? We’d love to hear about it, and maybe even feature it on our site! Send an email to info@thegaragegroup.com and tell us your story!

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