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Quirks Chicago & Brooklyn: AB InBev, Kraft Heinz, Amex, Mars Wrigley, and J&J Discuss Transformative Insights

Through our work enabling BigCos to operate more like startups, we’ve encountered countless leaders who have taken risks and truly transformed the role of Insights. In the Market Research community, we’ve all been talking for years about how the role of Insights is changing, and it is transforming, but at Quirks Brooklyn and Quirks Chicago Conferences this year, we wanted to get practical about where is the function now, and what changes leaders are making and approaches they are trying.

Quirks Chicago | April 2-3

Breakthrough Ideas for Kraft Heinz through Innovation Pipeline Sprints

Stacey Cox, Consumer Insights Leader, Kraft Heinz, and Erin Faulk, VP, Lean Growth at The Garage Group, will be sharing behind-the-scenes lessons learned from the trailblazing teams at Kraft Heinz who leveraged a five-day innovation pipeline sprint approach to revitalize their portfolios and fill their three-year innovation pipelines with meaningful, consumer-driven ideas.

With iterative input from constant consumer touchpoints over five days, the teams transformed their historically linear process, their leaders grew through the process, adopting new skills, mindsets, and methods. The team will share the overall approach they took, key enablers that led to their success and lessons they plan to apply to future growth challenges.


Quirks Brooklyn | March 5-6

Panel: Starting to Enable Transformative Change in Your Insights Function
At Quirks Brooklyn, Ann Thompson, Co-CEO, led a panel conversation on the impact they’ve made within their organizations and the courage, competencies, and approaches that have equipped them to do it. From their experiences, we hope that attendees learned how and when to take risks, start to drive change within their insights organization, and be more effective in their role. With exposure to new methods, mindsets, and approaches from some of the top brands’ entrepreneurial insights leaders, we hope attendees left with actionable ways to apply them. See the panelists below.

Panelists include:


Will we see you at either conference? If you are in the are and want to stop by; or are interested in making the trip and aren’t registered yet, here are our discount codes: Brooklyn: 19TGGNYVIP and Chicago: 19TGGCHIVIP

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