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Research Must Serve A Bigger Purpose

We’re inspired by startups every single day.

When it comes to market research, startups don’t have the time or money to conduct frivolous projects. The constraints of time and money force startups to be laser-specific about how and when they do research. We can’t help but treat our research the same way. Because, research for the sake of research isn’t appealing to us at all. Research for bigger purposes includes inspiring a pipeline of new product or service ideas, optimizing an idea or informing a business decision.

Recently, we were asked to go learn something “the way we’re used to doing it,” as the client said. But, the typical way wasn’t very efficient, and didn’t actually answer the business question very well. So, we shared a different approach, and helped the client to see why and how this new approach would not only save money, but be a more accurate read on the situation and serve the business even better.

Over the years, we’ve had projects cross our desks that didn’t have focused objectives, or a clear business need. In those scenarios, we’ve asked hard questions to dig deeper into the need for the research. If there isn’t a need – or it was just research for research’s sake – don’t do the research.

We don’t do research for research’s sake, and neither should you. Research should always have an end goal: informing a decision, improving a product or service, trying out a hypothesis. Something bigger than just checking off a corporate box.

We care enough about our clients to not let them waste their money on pointless research.

Not sure what the bigger purpose behind the research you’ve been tasked with is? We’re happy to help ask questions to figure it out.

The Garage Group takes a smarter approach to purposeful, strategic research. We’d love to get some smart and scrappy work done with you.

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