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5 Truths and Hacks for Bringing Startup Thinking to Bigcos

On July 21st, the Cincinnati startup community came together for its second annual #NewCoCincy event, a showcase of purpose-focused businesses that are driving industry transformation and community connection in our city. Started by John Battelle (founding editor at Wired magazine and former CEO) and Brian Monahan (former Marketing VP at Walmart), NewCo is self-described as a meeting of the minds with “the focus of a business conference, the feel of a music festival, and the model of an artist open studio.” Cincinnati is honored to be one of 12 NewCo host cities stationed around the world. Last week, over 95 companies (from startups, to breweries, to Fortune 500 corporations) opened their doors to the Cincinnati region to share insights, tips and tricks for smarter innovation, growth and development. We’re excited to make it even bigger and better in the years to come! Still not sure what it means to be a NewCo? This blog post from NewCo’s website provides a great explanation.
The Garage Group was excited to be part of NewCo once again this year. We hosted over 40 people in our Longworth Hall office to talk about five truths and actionable hacks for bringing startup thinking to bigcos. If you missed out, don’t worry–we captured the whole presentation on video, which you can access below.

Thanks to all participating companies and attendees at #NewCoCincy2016! We’re looking forward to knocking it out of the park again next year.

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