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Seed and Soil

We were talking the other day about an ongoing challenge to get grass seed to take root and productively sprout new grass.  A simple truth became evident.

Even though we may have purchased the best, most expensive, proven seed, watered it attentively, protected it from wildlife and destructive foot traffic, it will never root or sprout if the soil isn’t receptive.

For inside entrepreneurs, proactively building networks; finding advocates/supporters within and outside the organization and thinking through how to connect an idea to the core of the organization are all akin to tilling up and preparing the soil to be able to receive the grass seed.

The quality of the idea at this point may not be the best, but a great idea that never takes root will never become a great business, while an average idea, well supported and nurtured, can evolve into a highly profitable venture.

Once the idea is planted, piloting for early learning; pruning and adapting as you go; and continuing to seek new, relevant learning and perspective are how we nurture, mow, water and feed the idea.

Growth happens, because the conditions are right and the organization is ready to accept, nourish and support it.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr user: Rob n Amy C

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