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Here are a few definitions of the verb “stretch” (courtesy of

Athletes know that stretching builds muscle tone and increases flexibility.  Inside entrepreneurs ought to be stretching every day.  That means we must be extending to our full limits, reaching far, and expanding our thinking by embracing tension.

How can we stretch as inside entrepreneurs?

As a rule, we make a point to build stretch into our routine.  We look for individuals to challenge our thinking or our business model ideas, rather than only inviting supporters into our planning discussions.  We read articles and blogs about a wide variety of business models and case studies (from business, education, non profit, etc).  We challenge each other by suggesting alternate solutions or scenarios.  We set goals that we’re not quite sure we can achieve, but that force us to reach farther.

How are you stretching this week?

Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr user: Tony George

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