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Keeping up with Food & Bev Trends is tough. One minute, Acai is blowing up. The next, it’s Sea Moss Gummies.

We’ve captured 10 Irresistible Food & Beverage Trends in our latest report. Download it now! We know innovating with trends is critical for your business.

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You’d love to action trends. But, just staying on top of them is hard enough. That’s where TGG comes in. We help you catalyze the change your company needs. 

SXSW just wrapped up this month. We are energized by what happened in Austin. We captured some of the boldest Food & Bev, Consumer Healthcare, and AI innovations from the conference. Plus, we made our observations actionable for you. We highlighted the major Jobs-to-be-Done these products attempt to solve. 

We saw 9 bold new products that are solving big Jobs to be Done. Here’s a high-level summary of the Jobs and a few of the products. Read the full report for more. 

We saw 3 high-level jobs: 

  1. POWER MY BODY WITHOUT WASTING RESOURCES – This is big in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Healthcare space. One example is V2Food,  Australia’s #1 Plant Based Meat Company 
  1. HELP ME IDENTIFY MEDICAL PROBLEMS SOONER – Doctors are embracing new technologies as their 21st century partner in health. EarliTec Diagnostics focuses on early autism diagnosis and treatment. 
  1. GIVE ME ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE ON DEMAND – Timeliness of medical interventions can make a real difference. DermaSensor offers a non-invasive, AI-powered skin cancer and melanoma detection device. 

Check out our brief report to learn more. You’ll find it helpful whether you attended SXSW or not. 


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, understanding Artificial Intelligence isn’t just an option—it’s essential. AI is fueling ground-breaking innovations across industries, from CPG to financial services. Tech & AI are challenging the lines between categories, as evidenced at CES 2024.

While AI isn’t new, the pace of advancement and level of integration is unlocking new opportunities for how consumer and business problems are solved.

Leveraging AI is unlocking the ability to “work behind the scenes” to make complex problems simpler, empowering consumers to “do more” without necessarily “doing more”.

Check out examples of problem-solving innovations from multiple categories that we have curated:


About: CES® is the most powerful tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more.
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The ESG advantage

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, one thing is clear: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is no longer just a buzzword; it’s becoming the bedrock of responsible and forward-thinking organizations.
Our TGG team has been keeping a pulse on the latest ESG shifts.

Check out our latest thinking!

ESG Landscape 2023 Mini-report
ESG Landscape 2023 Mini ReportDownload

Sipping the Summer’s Hottest Alcohol Trends

We’re highlighting this summer’s hottest alcohol flavor trends! Join us as we embrace the rise of gin-based concoctions and explore the charm of floral liqueurs and botanical infusions intriguing consumers this summer. This summer’s line-up would not be complete without a double-click into the growing trend of “zero-proof” options for health-conscious sippers.

Cheers to the unforgettable flavors of Summer 2023!

Click here to download the report