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You’d love to action trends. But, just staying on top of them is hard enough. That’s where TGG comes in. We help you catalyze the change your company needs. 

SXSW just wrapped up this month. We are energized by what happened in Austin. We captured some of the boldest Food & Bev, Consumer Healthcare, and AI innovations from the conference. Plus, we made our observations actionable for you. We highlighted the major Jobs-to-be-Done these products attempt to solve. 

We saw 9 bold new products that are solving big Jobs to be Done. Here’s a high-level summary of the Jobs and a few of the products. Read the full report for more. 

We saw 3 high-level jobs: 

  1. POWER MY BODY WITHOUT WASTING RESOURCES – This is big in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Healthcare space. One example is V2Food,  Australia’s #1 Plant Based Meat Company 
  1. HELP ME IDENTIFY MEDICAL PROBLEMS SOONER – Doctors are embracing new technologies as their 21st century partner in health. EarliTec Diagnostics focuses on early autism diagnosis and treatment. 
  1. GIVE ME ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE ON DEMAND – Timeliness of medical interventions can make a real difference. DermaSensor offers a non-invasive, AI-powered skin cancer and melanoma detection device. 

Check out our brief report to learn more. You’ll find it helpful whether you attended SXSW or not. 


You asked for more, so here it is!

We are thrilled to share a sneak peek into the magic that happens when our remote team comes together in-person during our bi-annual “Basecamp”. The past 3 years, we’ve honed in on making every moment count. One golden rule we swear by: If an activity can be conquered virtually, it doesn’t make the cut!

So, what’s on the agenda? Picture this: role-playing to elevate our storytelling, future-casting and rallying behind mission-driven growth areas, small-group dinners that weave threads of connection, and off-site adventures that spark new ways of thinking. This year’s improv session? Mind-blowing — major props to Eileen for elevating it to the next level!

It’s about focusing on what’s important over what’s merely urgent. We are in the people business, and these days together are like jet fuel for our team – propelling us both personally and professionally.

Read More about Gathering with Purpose:

Get ready to ignite your leadership journey in 2024! The Garage Group, in collaboration with 1871, brought together an extraordinary assembly of leaders at our Courageous Minds Only Event in Chicago.

🌟 Alan Kleinerman – Vice President, Head of Disruption at The Kraft Heinz Company
🌟 Jen Akhter – Global Head of Strategic Initiatives, Aon
🌟 Daniel Vera – Vice President R&D Product Technical Performance for Cookies & Mainstream Chocolate, Ferrero North America
🌟 Marcelo De Santis – Chief Digital Officer, Thoughtworks
🌟 Jason Hauer – Co-founder, The Garage Group

The panel delved into the profound significance of cultivating courage within ourselves and our teams. In a work environment that is constantly evolving, mere management of systems and processes is not enough- it takes a unique bravery to lead and empower individuals to shine. The discussion unveiled the stories of these courageous leaders, detailing their deliberate career pivots and their motivations to create change in their lives.

Let these stories be a powerful reminder that embracing risks, initiating change, and above all, facing failure is not just acceptable but integral to our growth. Let’s dive into some of the key insights and quotes, to stoke the fires of courage in you!

1. Igniting Passion

Daniel Vera, Vice President R&D at Ferrero North America, touched on a leader’s role in igniting passion within their teams. He said, “Sometimes it’s helping our team members to find their passion so they can shine…we shine through them because we are unlocking their potential to succeed.” The key takeaway here is that as leaders, our success shines through the accomplishments of our team.

Alan Kleinerman, Vice President, Head of Disruption at The Kraft Heinz Company, expanded on this, pointing out that passion isn’t always immediately apparent. “The honest answer is for most people you don’t just know your passion immediately”, he said. He urged us all to step out of our comfort zones and be open to new experiences both professionally and personally.

2. Innovation is Key to Survival

Echoing the importance of constant evolution, Alan highlighted that “It’s more important to innovate today than any other time”. In an era defined by change, our ability to innovate and differentiate is a deciding factor in our survival and success.

3. Leadership Sets the Tone

Marcelo De Santis, Chief Digital Officer at ThoughtWorks, shared insights on the role of leadership in times of uncertainty. “We need to remove fear from the organization…leaders create a new reality”. Leaders have the responsibility of shaping the reality for their teams, creating an environment where they can thrive despite external factors.

4. Passion Drives Impact

Lastly, Jen Akhter, Global Head of Strategic Initiatives at Aon, brought the discussion full circle by connecting passion to impact. “What helps drive some of this is my passion around helping not only our company grow to create solutions for challenges, but also being comfortable with helping teams develop those in a way is impactful and meaningful.” This poignant reminder underscores the fact that our passions fuel not only our own success but also that of those around us.


In summary, the key message from our Courageous Minds Only panel was clear: ignite your passion, embrace innovation, lead with courage, and drive for impact. Armed with these insights, we’re ready to take on whatever comes our way. Let’s get out there and shine!

If you want to hear the full conversation, here’s the link.

Sipping the Summer’s Hottest Alcohol Trends

We’re highlighting this summer’s hottest alcohol flavor trends! Join us as we embrace the rise of gin-based concoctions and explore the charm of floral liqueurs and botanical infusions intriguing consumers this summer. This summer’s line-up would not be complete without a double-click into the growing trend of “zero-proof” options for health-conscious sippers.

Cheers to the unforgettable flavors of Summer 2023!

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