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Jason Hauer


Jason Hauer, Consultant | Co-Founder

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Jason is known for helping BigCo leaders, clients, and colleagues strike out of their comfort zone and hustle persistently to make progress. As an experienced entrepreneur, growth hacker, and F2000 Lean Growth Strategist, Jason teaches and empowers leaders to adopt a growth mindset, so they can stay relevant and grow. His relatable style has enabled many leaders to become more courageous as they learn to create new opportunities in the face of uncertainty. You won’t find him vacationing in the same spot twice, and this creative restlessness fuels his work life. He’s always thinking about how to take better care of employees and advance our vision to help more companies. And he ensures that TGG honors our own process by continually looking for new ideas and fearlessly testing them. Jason is a Lean Startup Circle and Product Camp organizer. You’ll find him frequently speaking and writing about customer development and business model innovation.