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Monica Cunningham


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Monica is a dynamic thinker who equips clients with world-class research insights and consumer feedback. She has a deep understanding of empathy for consumer needs due to her research background, and leaves clients feeling well-equipped to move toward growth. She emphasizes the importance of spending time in the “Define” phase by identifying consumer pain points and problems, and validating consumer needs. Her entrepreneurial approach to research helps BigCos like Kraft Heinz, Cargill, and belVita innovate and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. Monica’s calm, persistent hustle and positive energy elevate every strategic engagement with which she’s involved. She gives client teams confidence in the research she’s done and encourages them to use it as a springboard toward accomplishing their goals. She’s a strong advocate for continued education at TGG, constantly evolving her methods to give clients fresh perspectives, while encouraging others to do the same.