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TGG Celebrates Courageous Women Leaders

In honor of International Women’s day, and Women’s History Month, The Garage Group is highlighting some past conversations we’ve had with courageous BigCo female leaders who have inspired us and shared thoughts on staying resilient when facing uncertain challenges.

Jump into some wisdom these leaders have to offer:

Beth Comstock, on how to empower teams 

“We don’t control people. We don’t really manage change. The best we can do is have a vision, fight for space, resources, room to grow, encourage, coach, and empower.” 


Jada Britto, Colgate-Palmolive, on partnership over individualism in innovation 

“It’s not always about it being my idea, it’s about making sure all the ideas are left on the table for all of us to distill down and figure out what is the right approach.”


Claudine Patel, RB, on fostering creativity during uncertain times

“We need to change the game in how we think of our business model, because we’ve been innovating traditionally in traditional retail channels, but now we have to think about how we are driving full funnel innovation… This time unlocks a lot of creativity on the innovation front, and that to me and my team is something we are having a lot of fun with.” 


Ciara Dilley, PepsiCo and Tiffani Daniels, General Mills on empathy as a lasting strategy 

“As a woman in leadership, particularly in the US, I think the theme of empathy and how leaders can show up with more empathy has been simmering there for a while. This year more than ever, I think it has been needed… It has opened the door for us to be more vulnerable and allow that leadership skill in. One of the impacts I think it has had on our business is the area of purpose marketing and how our company shows up to serve its purpose in the world.” -Ciara


“We are all carrying our “knapsack” or “backpack” into work everyday, and there are things that are happening in the world around us that impact us, so you have to think about what you have going on today, and ask “What am I expecting of people based on what’s going on around us?” -Tiffani


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