TGG’s Own Invest in Next Phase of Growth | The Garage Group

TGG’s Own Invest in Next Phase of Growth

TGG Own Invests In Next Phase of Growth

TGG’s Own Invest in Next Phase of Growth

The Garage Group Announces Change in Ownership

We are excited to announce that Megan Milar and Erin Faulk, two members of our Leadership Team, have purchased The Garage Group. Building upon a strong financial and strategic foundation, Megan and Erin have deep conviction for TGG’s next phase of growth by doubling-down on our investment in people — unleashing the courage to “operate like an entrepreneur” from the inside-out. They remain committed to building an inclusive culture and a company dedicated to providing solutions (both products and services) that enable our customers to future-proof existing brands and business models, or build new ones. 


“The Garage Group exists to bring lean innovation approaches to future-proof big companies, which requires us to continue innovating on how we organize and operate internally. Taking our own medicine and learning to scale differently will fuel continued growth for years to come.” – Megan Milar, CEO (Former Vice President of Operations)


Former owners, Ann Thompson (Co-Founder) and John Handelsman (Chairman and CEO) will be pursuing other interests yet remain close advisors and friends of TGG, while Jason Hauer (Co-Founder, Head of Growth) will stay on as an active partner to Megan and Erin in the day-to-day business. 


Over the past 11 years, The Garage Group has partnered with 150+ F1000 clients to disrupt traditional approaches to tackling innovation and growth challenges amidst increasing market uncertainties. From leading corporate teams through reimagining innovation pipelines, brand strategies and architectures, or optimizing a brand’s product experience, we have learned, pivoted, and changed from every engagement, innovating our own structure and business model along the way. 


“We started TGG in 2010 with a mission to help BigCos take on their toughest innovation challenges by using the practices and approaches of startups. We had a big vision to imagine a different type of company, that practiced what we taught, and impacted people as much as we did bottom line results. We are so excited for Megan and Erin to carry our legacy forward.” – Ann Thompson


Megan Milar and Erin Faulk have spent the past 5+ years in the trenches of The Garage Group’s day-to-day business, and have served on the Leadership Team alongside the former owners since 2018. Together, they share a deep commitment to TGG’s mission and bring a complementary, unique perspective on what it takes to effectively scale the organization — from internal operations to meeting the ever-changing needs of the external market. 


“Megan and Erin are extraordinary leaders and learners, and their love of TGG and its role in the world is really quite something. They are ready, they are a perfect pair, 1+1 will equal WAY more than 2 and I admire the courage it took for them to step up and purchase the company. I will be their biggest supporter and fan!” – John Handelsman


Jason Hauer will remain in his role as Head of Growth, with continued conviction for finding opportunities for TGG to add value in the market, as well as expanding our Courageous Minds Only community — designed to give corporate leaders courage, inspiration, and ideas for staying relevant in this increasingly turbulent world. 


“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with Megan and Erin in embarking on this next chapter for TGG. It’s time to continue disrupting the market, challenging corporate leaders to embrace uncertainty and commit to operating differently moving forward. Courageous Minds Only.” – Jason Hauer


Existing business operations will continue as is, without disruption. We can’t thank John, Ann & Jason enough for laying such a strong foundation upon which we will build from here!


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