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The 5 Mindsets of Inside Entrepreneurs

As we’ve shared before, we’ve been working on firming up a framework to share our thinking on what it takes to develop a sustainable program for entrepreneurship to thrive within an existing company, based on our own experience, what we’ve learned from other successful Inside Entrepreneurs and what we’ve seen drive success across teams we’ve worked with. When it comes to developing individuals into Inside Entrepreneurs, three ingredients are consistently present: mindset, skills and knowledge.

Mindset is about the attitude and approach that an individual takes toward their work. It’s a consistent focus on new, better, different. It’s tenacity and perseverance. It’s about having thick skin and truly not being afraid to learn fast and fail a few times. Mindset can’t be taught, but it can be encouraged, role-modeled and expected. Inside Entrepreneurs simply have a different paradigm. The successful Inside Entrepreneur is:

1) An Original
Never a copycat, she is definitively an original. Self-aware. Passionate. Driven by a  personal vision. Positive and optimistic. All-in. Fully engaged. Fully deployed.

2) An Owner
He may not actually own anything more than the untucked shirt on his back, but he takes “act like an owner” seriously. Proactively responsible. Tenaciously results-oriented. Fearlessly accountable. Equally invested in the short and long-term.

3) A Curator
Inspiration is everywhere he looks. He can’t stop weaving new threads into the story. Data. Trends. Case studies. Art. People. Ideas. Eyes wide open. Always capturing moments to cultivate new insight.

4) A Sponge
She has an insatiable appetite for learning and growth. She takes in and shares out knowledge from books, networking, observation, classes — wherever she can find it. An endless pursuit of mastery.

5) A Trailblazer
Restless with the status quo, mediocrity. He is willing, almost anxious, to fail in order to learn and move forward. Persistent. Daring. Experimental. Risk taker. He knows that he can’t get somewhere new on a worn out path.

Reflecting on the 5 mindsets, where do you stand? Where does your team stand? Remember, mindsets can’t be taught, but they can be encouraged, role-modeled and expected. What actions are you going to take today to cultivate the right mindsets within yourself and your organization?

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