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The Discipline to Focus

The discipline to focus sometimes evades us.  Correction.  It often evades us.  In fact, most of the tenacious, driven, high energy inside entrepreneurs we work with struggle with the discipline to focus.  Those that have it figured out are often the most successful and not coincidentally, the most content with themselves, their work/life balance and their lives overall.

So, why is it such a struggle?

Discipline implies that we decide a priority and then dedicate time, regularly, to that priority.  Focus implies that we concentrate on a given topic or task and give it our full attention.

We know that having the discipline to focus leads to better results because we give our best, full attention and thinking to things rather than scattered, divided attention.  Here are some tips we’re trying to put into practice to help us get better at the discipline of focus:

What other tips and techniques do you have to establish the discipline of focus?

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