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The Garage Group Giving Back With Purpose

As most of you know, our mission as a company is all about enabling some of the biggest companies and brands in the world to innovate and grow like startups. What you might not know is another part of our mission is around “giving back” by connecting with and impacting the entrepreneurial ecosystems we’re a part of. We regularly invest time, share knowledge and enable connections for entrepreneurs and startups locally, nationally and globally. In addition to keeping us focused on helping others, this discipline keeps us close to trends, new ideas, approaches and realities startups face as they’re building and launching their ideas and companies.

Reflecting recently, we couldn’t be more proud of how our team is giving back this past year. It’s one thing to make it a priority, but another level of hustle and commitment to build it in on top of unprecedented volume and actually make it happen. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve taken an active role:

Ann has been a key contributor to Ocean Accelerator, the world’s first faith-based accelerator located in Cincinnati and sits on the Advisory Board for NKUs Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Jason has led multiple speaking engagements at Startup Weekends, co-organizes the Lean Startup Circle in Cincinnati, is involved with ProductCamp Cincinnati 2015 and continues to speak and mentoring at Xavier, University of Cincinnati and the Inkubator, Northern Kentucky University’s Startup Accelerator.

Keri has led multiple engagements directly with students at Miami, University of Cincinnati and Xavier to guide them in their big idea development and is speaking at an upcoming Startup Weekend.

Renee has been a key leader to 3 Startup Weekends, spoke at ProductCamp Cincinnati 2014, as well as the Inkubator.

Abe, our new Associate Research Consultant, recently joined the ProductCamp Cincinnati 2015 organizing team.

And, our intern Ben is even in on the action, stepping in on his second day on our team to lead discussions at the Inkubator.

Being active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is simply part of our own Garage Group DNA. We’re excited about how entrepreneurship is changing the face of big business and to keep learning, growing and contributing in this space.

The Garage Group enables corporate brands and teams to innovate and grow with start-up inspired approaches to insight, ideas, brand architecture and MVP development.

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