The Garage Group Instigating at 2013 Cincinnati Innovation Summit | The Garage Group

The Garage Group Instigating at 2013 Cincinnati Innovation Summit

Come join us at The 2013 Cincinnati Innovation Summit on October 10, 2013 at METS Center in Northern Kentucky. The theme of this year’s event is Collaborating to Innovate for Sustainable Success. Last year’s event was well attended and a great forum for building networks and new ideas.

We’ll be leading one of the breakout sessions, and are excited to share thoughts and ideas on “Bringing the Outside In: Collaborating with External Stakeholders to Discover Insights and Build Big Ideas.”

Involving key stakeholders in innovation is a critical, but often overlooked criterion for success. Suppliers, influencers, third party buyers, customer gate keepers and other partners are not only critical to an initiative’s success, but they often have insight that can lead to bigger, better ideas.

Our session will share the importance of involving external stakeholders in the process of generating insights that lead to ideas; and in the process of developing, piloting and launching new initiatives. We’ll share a few case studies to inspire participants to build an action plan to map key stakeholders and specific action steps to involve them in a current or future innovation initiative.

We’re also looking forward to learning from:

Yael Cosset, Global Chief Innovation Officer at dunhumby
Ron Huber, Vice President of Innovation for Faurecia xWorks Innovation Center
Creative Problem Solving Experts Wayne Fisher and Katie Kinnemeyer
Damon Ragusa, Founder & Chairman at ThinkVine and Preside at idio
Todd Kinser, Worldwide Vice President, Research and Development at Ethicon Endo-Surgery

For timing and location details, click here. Use this code for a 10% discount: SPE2013

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