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The Importance of Insight

If you want your idea, venture, product, service, project to be successful, it must be well positioned to solve a problem, seize an opportunity or create unexpected delight.

Finding the problem to solve, the opportunity to seize or the delight to create then becomes a clear task for any intrapreneur. defines insight as:

Uncovering insights should be the first step in your journey, but if you’re already working on your new idea, take the time to match it up with one or more insights about your client, customer, user, target.

Typically, an insight has a few components:

So, if you’re designing to solve a problem, can you articulate the problem in the words of the user/client?  Do you know why it’s a problem for them?  And, even though its a problem today, what are they doing anyway, or to compensate?

If you’re designing to seize an opportunity, what does the opportunity represent for your user?  Why is that important for them?  And, why aren’t they pursuing that opportunity on their own/in some other way already?

Finally, if you’re looking to create unexpected delight, you must understand what the need or desire is for that delight, what higher level benefit it will deliver, and what’s keeping your user/client from getting it today.

Take the time to think through the insight behind your new idea, venture, product, service — it will be far more likely to succeed.

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