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The Right Direction

There’s something painful that comes from spinning your wheels on ideas that in the end really don’t matter. Making progress in the wrong direction kills momentum, stifles creativity, harms morale and stops you and the rest of the team from realizing tangible progress.

Heading in the right direction is more important than ever. Whether you’re leading a company, team or you’re a member of a team trying to drive change… step back and ask the question:

What are we trying to achieve and what’s the right strategy or set of strategies to achieve the result(s)?

There’s significant power in aligning to the collective result you’re trying to achieve.  It allows you to get the right strategy in place, direct effort to that end and make confident choices around where you shouldn’t be spending your time.

The concept seems so simple, yet is often overlooked. Have the courage to ask the right questions in order to get everyone heading in the right direction.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr userJohn Loo

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