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The Unique Contributions of Women in Business: 5 Learnings

Recently, the question of what (if anything) makes women unique in business keeps coming up. And, since March is National Women’s History month, we thought we’d share a few thoughts.

First, we firmly believe that every individual brings certain qualities to the workplace regardless of gender. And, great teams are built of diverse groups of people from different backgrounds.

And, as far as we’ve seen, the best female leaders we know do bring some unique traits and perspectives.

Unfortunately, a few things still get in the way for women in the workplace. We won’t get on a soapbox about gender equality, but instead want to share two observations about barriers that are actually more often self-inflicted.

So, fellow businesswomen, take note of this gentle reminder: Don’t be so hard on yourself, lean on others to get what you need, and play to your natural strengths as nurturers, leaders and listeners. Let’s help hold each other up and build up our businesses with the unique traits that we bring to the table.

Are you a woman in the business world? What are the biggest challenges you face?

Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr user: businessforward

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