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Who are You?

We may or may not like it, but we all have a “personal brand.”  If asked, people you work with can describe you.  They probably include some character traits, personality descriptors, a title or role description.

Do you know what they’re saying?

We often have a belief about the kind of person, worker, employee, leader, boss, colleague or friend that we would like to be.  It’s important to know who you want to be.  But, it’s equally important to know who people are saying you are.

There may be a gap between who you want to be, and who people say you are.  Maybe you want to be seen as courageous, but people see you as timid.  The gap may be in the other direction as well…you may see your shortcomings, while others see your strengths.

Who you are impacts your ability to influence others and start or lead an inside entrepreneurial venture.

Take the time this week to ask a few folks you work with to help you understand “who you are” in the context of your organization.  Push them to go beyond a description of your role and include descriptors about the kind of work you do, the type of leader, partner, team player you are.  Here are a few questions that might help you get started:

Once you have the answers, compare them to who you want to be known as/seen as; or how you think about yourself.  Where are the gaps?  What is your plan to leverage the strengths and skills others see in you?  How will you close any gaps you see?  How can “who you are” impact your ability to start or drive your inside entrepreneurial venture?  Who do you need on your team, or as an advocate to help round out your strengths and skills?

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