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Women Innovators – 5 Inspirational Examples

Let’s take a look back at Women’s History Month. We’ve highlighted inspirational women innovators on LinkedIn. Here’s the full recap, plus one more, to encourage you to be bold. Let’s reflect on awesome female innovators to close out women’s history month. They are true market disruptors. They’ve created legacies. Their courage is energizing.

Maybe you’re seeking inspiration for new product ideas. Or, maybe it’s to refresh your brand strategy. Regardless, inspiration comes from seeing how others act courageously. Here’s a quick recap! Take note of what’s inspiring to you.

Sara Blakely

​​Sara Blakely is founder and part owner of shapewear brand Spanx. Spanx sells undergarments, leggings, swimwear and maternity wear in over 50 countries. (Forbes). Blackstone purchased a majority of Spanx in 2021 for $1.2B. Here’s a few highlights from the article.

Also, Sarah shared one of her innovation success secrets: failing forward. Hear more of Sarah’s story:

Marie Van Brittan Brown

Marie Van Brittan Brown was an American nurse and innovator. In 1966, she invented a video home security system with her husband Albert Brown, an electronics technician. (source). Some notable details from the article include:

Marie Van Brittan Brown is pictured below. You can also see a drawing from the application submitted by Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband, Albert Brown, for a patent on Aug. 1, 1966. “Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance” was approved on Dec. 2, 1969. (U.S. Patent Office)

Lin Hsiu Hui

Have you heard of Lin Hsiu Hui? She created bubble tea! You know, the delightful beverage that combines tea, milk, tapioca bubbles. In 2019, the global bubble tea market was valued at $2B. It is expected to surpass $3B by 2027. Do you know the full story?

Whether you call it bubble or pearl tea or boba, this sweet treat is of another world. It has taken the world by storm.

Bridgit Mendler

Do you know Bridgit Mendler? She is an actress and singer known for roles on the Disney Channel. That’s not all! She is a space startup CEO.

Jennifer Lopez (JLO)

Everyone knows Jennifer Lopez (JLO). But, did you know she’s one of America’s wealthiest self-made women. Her estimated net worth exceeds $150 million, according to Forbes. Here’s but a few reasons for featuring her.

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