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5 Tangible Ways to Model Entrepreneurial Leadership

It’s a simple recipe. The organizations we run are a reflection of our leadership. The behaviors we model. The choices we make in good times and in bad. If we want our organizations to be more innovative, more entrepreneurial – we have to model the behaviors of entrepreneurial leadership. If we want more risk taking, we have to take more risks. If we want disruptive ideas, we need to inspire and enlist employees around bold challenges. We can’t cast the vision for innovation and then constantly fold to short-term pressure. We must lead by example. To that end, we’ve compiled 5 tips for being the entrepreneurial leadership example:

1) Start being more entrepreneurial TODAY
2) Model the MINDSETS of an entrepreneurial leader
3) Learn and practice the SKILLS of an entrepreneurial leader
4) Get in and LEARN
5) Embrace ACTION as your new normal

You can do what you’ve always done — planning based on last year’s results, delegating the work to stay close to your employees and customers and trimming down that “big” goal. Or, you can roll up your sleeves, jump in with both feet, and be the example. Your organization will reflect your choice, either way.

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