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Consumer Behavior: Everything Is Coming Home, Again

Over the last nine months, we have seen shifts in consumer behavior, which resemble practices of previous generations. Nowhere has the impact been greater than with regard to the home and its current prevalence in the everyday lives of consumers.

“Home is no longer just a place where we eat and sleep. It has become our classroom, office, gym, a full-on entertainment space.” – Anton Danilovich, real estate broker associate

Consumers who were once on the go for most of the day have now found themselves at home and often with their family members, similar to the routines of previous generations. And, with that has come the desire to connect with neighbors, friends, and family via front porches and backyards. Sales of outdoor furnishings and outdoor space redesigns are on the rise.

Likewise, the explosion of contactless payment and delivery options mirrors past practices. In small American towns, consumers would pick up what they needed or pump their own gas, and say to the proprietor on their way out, “Put it on my account, please.” Physical contact was unnecessary; the practice was built upon an infrastructure of trust, familiarity, and convenience for both parties.

While these behaviors are similar to those of previous generations, today’s executions are new. As work, education, fitness, and dining moved home in the spring, we shared some emerging consumer habits and brand solutions (Unpacking Changing Consumer Behavior: Part 1 and Part 2). We continue to keep our eye on the ways brands are bringing offerings, products, and experiences home to consumers.

Recent examples of home-centric executions:

“We want to be part of building the future of hospitality, and I believe a big part of that is in the home.” – William Ball, restaurateur

As consumers once again find their homes to be the center of their daily lives, they are turning inward to create havens and outward to find solutions that cultivate exciting and enriching experiences at home. How is your brand creating unforgettable at-home experiences for consumers? And, how is your brand closely observing consumer behavior to predict trends, especially those that come full circle?

Get in touch with The Garage Group if you’re posing these questions internally and need a partner to think through them with you. We’d love to have a conversation about your current goals and priorities, and share more about how we can tackle your innovation and/or strategy challenges via startup-inspired approaches.

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