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Join us for a Facebook Live with Todd Henry to discuss his new book, Herding Tigers!

Todd Henry is a bestselling author (The Accidental Creative is a must-read) and has spoken internationally to tens of thousands of people across dozens of industries about productivity, creativity, passion for work, leadership, and how to unleash everyday brilliance.

We’re excited to announce that he’ll be joining us for a Facebook Live on March 27th! We’ll be discussing his latest book (which our team just finished) Herding Tigers: Be the Leader Creative People Need and opening it up for questions.

You don’t need to read Herding Tigers to participate in the discussion, but regardless, we’d highly recommend prioritizing it on your book list. Here are three of our team’s takeaways:

  1. Leadership requires a mindset shift: it’s not about your work but instead about equipping others. Intrapreneurs must always look for opportunities to influence others with new thinking, whether permissionally or positionally commissioned as a leader.
  2. Creative team members need both stability and challenge. We’re thinking about how these two things are fundamental when bringing teams through innovation challenges. Teams have to know the constraints, underlying values and are commissioned to take calculated risks. The Challenge/Stability matrix on page 25 is particularly helpful for evaluating where team members are at, and helping provide what they need to bring their best.
  3. Your role is not who you are. We’ve found this to be incredibly true but always need the reminder. Having all of our identity and worth in our role sets us up to have a Fixed Mindset instead of a Growth Mindset (see #3 here for more), which keeps intrapreneurs from being successful.

What you can’t do is allow your identity to become subsumed into your job title or your role. If that happens, you will do anything necessary in order to protect your turf, regardless of how that affects everyone around you. Also, your sense of purpose will rise and fall with your victories and successes, and there will be no consistent foundation for your work other than how it makes you feel in the moment. – pg 235

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the questions we’ll be asking Todd during the Facebook Live:

  1. How would you encourage leaders to provide stability and clear processes in the era of agility and needing to pivot and flex often? How can intrapreneurs do this well?
  2. In corporate cultures that emphasize worth in title and role, how can intrapreneurs practically remind themselves that worth and personal identity are not connected, and therefore be freed up to take smart, calculated risks?
  3. How can cross-functional team members effectively lead and influence each other through day-to-day touchpoints (instead of one-and-done coaching), especially when seeking to bring new thinking to the organization?

We’ll be taking your questions live, so come curious! Hope to see you on Facebook Live on March 27th. RSVP to the Facebook Event for more details as the event approaches.


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